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Added: December 19, 2012
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Hiya there everyone, it is not only Christmas time but it's also time for some new diary goodies this month and for this one I have some extra special holiday treats for you that come in the form of my special guest friends and fellow models, all of whom are equally lovely and phenomenally built.  I was fortunate enough to get to meet and hang out with 34JJ Wendy Fiore for several days and then 32GG Sara Willis also came for a visit and we all decided to put on our bikinis and hit the hot tub.  Combine those two beauties with my best bud and gal pal 34DD Channelle Hatton and it was a regular big boobs bikini fest! ;-) I also fortunately got to shoot a quick thing with Sara, so the behind-the-scenes diary shots from that are here as well,so I hope you like and happy holidays! xoxoxo -- Leanne

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