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Leanne Crow - Scorching Pink 2

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Added: October 4, 2019
Runtime: 06:50
Score: 5.0/5.0


Hey, hey, everyone...

Happy weekend!

I am back with another super boobie video goodie for you today, so I hope you're sitting down... ;)

xoxoxo -- Leanne


  • 1 year ago, @LeanneFan said: I would love to see more videos of Leanne's ass
  • 2 years ago, @user9940 said: I just love it when it when u mix in the sound it makes when you do your boob claps <3 Please make that a regular feature in these vids 😀
  • 2 years ago, @rbdbustylc said: I want to thank Leanne for her willingness to monetize her incredible body. I am a big tit lover and I greatly appreciate being able to ogle Leanne in the privacy of my home. I must say that Leanne is rather unique in her modeling...it is like she really understands what is going on in my brain and in my cock. Unlike many other big tit models, she fulfills my vision of what a woman with big tits would do to make me throb with lust. Her smile and her slow shaking of her tits make me incredibly lusty. I am 75 years old and daily look forward to inviting Leanne into my bedroom. Maybe she does not care, but my fantasy is that she fully realizes what her modeling does for old guys like me. Her smile is incredibly seductive. Keep it up. I just lament that I had to make do with magazines for so many years. I like to see Leanne slowly shake her tits, for such enables me to better imagine the density of her tits and gain a notion of what they would feel like to fondle.

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