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Leanne Crow - Maserati XXX - Fun Time

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Added: May 11, 2018
Runtime: 05:16
Score: 4.6/5.0


Hey guys...

Welcome to the weekend!!!

I have something VERY special for you today... After a long time coming, I finally got to meet Maserati XXX!

She is super sweet and really fun and she has HUGE BOOBS... I mean like I think they might be bigger than mine! Maybe you all can be the judge of that? ;)

We did a whole selfie session here that I think you are really going to love. :)

The only problem is that our microphone on the video went AWOL on us, so we didn't get any sound for this one unfrotauntely but I think you'll still love it.

Hopefully we can get back together again soon and do a whole comparing session! :)

xoxoxo -- Leanne


  • 2 years ago, @javier1983 said: Oh my God, please make a video with Antonella, also with Tessa Fowler.
  • 3 years ago, @Nadine69 said: More of that pleazzzzzzzzzzz
  • 3 years ago, @wxcvbn said: my dream
  • 3 years ago, @BoobFiend said: YES!!
  • 3 years ago, @rogoshin said: That was amazing

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